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IDM by EARA Technologies is your trusted IAM and IDM partner, excelling in complex, multi-technology environments. We will assist you in product selection, design, integration, and even managing your day-to-day environment. Connect with EARA Technologies today to evolve your IAM & CIAM initiatives into value added differentiators. Improve your posture, protect your systems and simplify your operations.

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Are Multifactor and Passwordless paramount?

Identity and Access Management serves as your primary defense in verifying and granting users access to prevent unauthorized entry. Safeguard your organization and go beyond conventional password-based security with tailored strategies, procedures, and solutions crafted for the identities under your management.

Did you know that more than 80% of data breaches originate from a single compromised identity and that the majority of users utilize the same password across multiple accounts?

Yes, passwordless and multifactor are paramount.

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Uncertain about where to begin with Identity and Access Management for your organization? Allow our team of IAM specialists to lead you through the entire process.

Managed Services

Protect your identities using the DevSecOps approach. EARA Technologies provides your organization with access to established expertise in IAM and CIAM solutions.

Identity Access Managment

Enhance the security of your organization beyond traditional password-based measures with tailored strategies, procedures, and solutions crafted for the identities under your management.

Value added ways we contribute

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Leading Identity Solutions

We have extensive experience designing, developing, and deploying leading-edge identity solutions. Are you considering multifactor or passwordless?

We can help

Bespoke Implementations

We know there is no such thing as an out-of-the-box implementation. No two clients are alike when to comes to identity and access management, whether that be customer journeys or internal team members.


We are identity management leaders, having supported the development and implementation of Canada's first Trusted Digital Identity service under the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework (PCTF).

Innovative Solutions

We are more than problem-solvers, we are solution providers, innovation is our makeup.

Niche Expertise

We are a boutique niche practice, providing you with experts in the field.

CI/CD DevSecOps

We have extensive experience with Continuous Integration and Continuous Development (CI/CD) DevOps platforms.

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