Managed IDM Services

EARA Technologies certified Managed Services Practice defends your organization from targeted cybercrime threats. Our Managed Services team will take on the "every-day" defense of your infrastructure by monitoring and management of your network, systems, and data, 24/7.

With a team of industry-leading expertise in Detection and Response, Analysis, Threat Management, and Incident Response, EARA Technologies will be your extension to your organizations IT arm to help keep you secure.

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We Provide

Identify risks in real time.

Have experts in IDM that you might not otherwise have on your team.

24/7 Identity Management Platform monitoring.

Onboarding services to automate and operationalize provisioning & de-provisioning.

From advisory to design to incident response, IDM by EARA Technologies, we can support your enterprise.

Our bench knows the Pan Canadian Trust framework (PCTF) so that you don't have to, in fact we contributed to the development of the public sector profile of the PCTF. Who better to set up your Identity Framework for your enterprise organization?

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